Illustration for article titled ​Elon Musk Donating $1 Million To Nikola Tesla Museum

Today is Nikola Tesla's 158th birthday, and he just got the best posthumous present ever.


After Matthew Inman made an impassioned plea to Elon Musk to help fund the build of the Tesla Museum, Musk has stepped up to donate $1 million towards the museum's completion in Shoreham, New York.


Inman has been working on the museum's resurrection since 2012 after launching a crowd-funding campaign to buy Tesla's laboratory at the Wardenclyffe Tower. But that only saved the museum, and now they're going to build a new one.

Musk and Inman spoke earlier this week, and Musk promised both the $1 million donation and to build a Supercharger station in the museum's parking lot.

Yup, still cooler than you.

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