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Eleven Idiots Totaled Six Supercars On China's Worst Highway

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You know how the BBC’s Top Gear trio used to go on crazy road trips in cars that cost less than dental surgery through some far-flung region of the world? Well eleven supercar owners decided to take their expensive rides on one of the worst highways in the world. Six didn’t make it.

Six cars didn’t make. Who cares about the owners?

If the old Top Gear trio were once looking for the best driving road in the world in their supercars, these eleven idiots found the worst.


According to, eleven luxury supercar owners set out on the 1,300 mile journey through the mountains bridging the Chinese provinces of Sichuan and Tibet. The article claims that the majority of the “highway” running between the provinces isn’t even paved, forcing the supercars to ford through running rivers and traverse broken, rocky mountain passes.


From the pictures it looks like a majority of the eleven cars on the trip were Maseratis, with at least one Ferrari that sheared a rear wheel off of its studs.

The owners posted photos of the trip, revealing that six of the cars didn’t even make it halfway.

Do you think these eleven boneheads realized that the Top Gear team consists of a few hundred people and the hosts only actually manage to complete their crazy treks thanks to the magic of editing?


I guess they learned the hard, expensive way. Don’t do as you see on television, kids. Spend your money on a community race track for you and your friends’ supercars or something instead.