Could we be looking at a new arms race between Tesla, which uses a Lotus chassis and a new British car company that plans an even more batchsit mad electric car? Sure, why not. It's the Lightning Car Company GT, and it's powered by four, hub mounted electric motors that its builders claim produce at least 700 hp in toto. We're not sure if torque accrues in the same way, but considering each motor has a maximum torque rating at the wheel of 553 lb-ft starting at zero rpm, it could be a mad proposition if t did. The company's plan calls for three models, the GT; a lighter, faster GTS version and a long-range GTSE model that can do 250 miles on a charge. Pistonheads says the batteries can be recharged in 10 minutes, though we're not sure if that's just a partial charge or the full monte. PH says to expect the GTSE model word on prices yet, but expect a top-range GTSE to set you back £150,000. Gee.

The Lightning Car Company via Pistonheads]

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