Electric Porsche 959, In a Sense

Amid the talk of new electric sports cars from Tesla and Mullen, we can't forget all the conversion guys turning regular cars into silent runners. For example, World Class Exotics of West Palm Beach, Florida, which handles all sorts of electric-car projects, including this Porsche 959-look EV. As is, it has a range of 100 miles range at 60 mph (top speed 100 mph) but can be upgrated to lithium-ion batteries for a 200+ mile range using. It's powered by a NetGain "WARP" 11" motor, hooked to a 2000-amp, water-cooled Zilla controller, with a five-speed 915 Porsche transmission attached for power transfer. It comes with a fast-charger that can give the batteries a 85% charge in 40 minutes. For you? $65,000. Or, you can have that old Rolls in the barn converted (yes, they can do that).


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