The sheep only got slightly scared. Photo: Jalopnik

Jaguar has filed patents for the EV-Type, I-Type and I-Pace names, and JLR Director of Design Ian Callum announced that ‘within two years, we’ll have something that’s not driven by a petrol engine’. Get ready for Jaguars packing Williams’ electric technology.

Jaguar is planning a surprise for the Paris Motor Show, but what’s no surprise is that they will launch their electric lineup within two years. When I visited Williams Advanced Engineering last year, they had a bunch of F-Types disassembled at their workshop (along with the Bond cars). Since they supply the Formula E series with batteries while supporting the Jaguar team effort as well, it was only a question of time before Jaguar would announce its first EV.

As Autoguide reports, both the F-Type and the new F-Pace SUV is likely to get the electric treatment, but it’s hard to guess what Jag’s ‘surprise’ could be. I guess we’ll have to wait and see at Paris.


Photo: Jaguar