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Elderly man almost barbecued by exploding Hoveround

Illustration for article titled Elderly man almost barbecued by exploding Hoveround

An elderly UK man on his way to a flea market was, by his own account, nearly "barbecued" when his mobility scooter burst into flames.


The man, a stroke victim, was rescued by a quick-thinking caregiver who pulled him from the scooter, as dramatized in the photo above. Photo of what the scooter looked like can be seen here.

The caregiver, who was coming the other way, spotted a tiny blue flame under his seat, raced to the man's aid and pulled him off the scooter. As she recounted to reporters, seconds later, as the flame reached the scooter's plastic body, the scooter "just exploded" in a giant fireball.


(Photo: Marilyn Barbone/Shutterstock)

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It didn't happen to be a Ferrari Scooter right?