El Presidente Congratulates Milka Duno

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El Presidente Chavez says he is happy Venezuelan driver Milka Duno and Citgo will run the Indy 500, even though no gasoline will be involved. The surprise is that Al Gore or any other American politician didn't beat El Presidente to this aggrandizement political punch, considering Indy cars have been running on alternative fuel of the alcohol kind since the '60s. This year the traditional methanol has been replaced by a home-brewed ethanol special corn blend. Milk will still be served to the winner on Sunday, who El Presidente says will be Milka.


Chavez Congrats Milka [trackforums.com]

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The Thirteenth Sentry

I believe that "special corn ethanol blend" is called moonshine, which would make the Indy 500 more NASCAR than NASCAR could ever hope to be again.