El Mirage Land Speed Gallery

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While Speed Week at Bonneville may make off with the extra helping of land speed racing media coverage, one must remember that the dry lakebeds of southern California were pivotal in the development of American hot rodding and drag racing. The land speed show only moved to the Bonneville salt flats after the Air Force started testing top sekrit x-planes out at Muroc, now known as Edwards Air Force base. The brass evidently didn't want hot rodding miscreants taking any supersonic ideas or wrecked rocket plane parts back out onto the streets of Los Angeles. While Muroc remains off limits, the SCTA hosts multiple land speed races every year at nearby El Mirage. The last race of the season wrapped up this Sunday and dozens of record setting jalopies clocked some epic action.

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After reading about the Peanut Oil Mobile earlier, I am hell bent on dying in my car with JATO rockets strapped to it doing over 400 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats.