Eko: A Red Light with a Twist

Belgrade-based designer Damjan Stanković has developed a concept for a red light which tells you quite intuitively the amount of time remaining until you can blast off the line.


Stanković’s Eko is a marvel of user interface design: instant comprehension without manuals. Apart from easing the common anxiety caused by a lack of information about a traffic light’s timing, Eko also has an environmental aspect: if you can see that it’s going to take a while for it to turn green, you can shut your engine off and conserve fuel.

An added and perhaps unintended benefit is readily available infrastructure for stoplight-to-stoplight races.

Just so you can launch from your optimal rev range and teach that punk in the Honda a lesson. But: shhh! Don’t tell your local lawmaker.

Photo Credit: Damjan Stanković

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