Eight-Legged Fraud: Zagato 575 GTZ "Spyder" a Fake

Zagato would like to inform you the supposed Zagato 575 GTZ Spyder is a fake. A rep from the venerable Italian design firm says the shot we ran earlier this week — the one that triggered some puzzled stares around the Jalopnik virtual campus — is an "illegally photoshopped" spec of the Zagato 575 GTZ coupe, a one-off coachbuilding project Zagato undertook for Japanese Ferrari collector Yushiyuki Hayashi. The prevailing cover story had Qvale Automotive Group — a US distributorship of exotic cars and entity behind the erstwhile, Ford-powered Qvale Mangusta — as the supposed distributor of the roofless rebody. Although we've always believed where there's smoke, there's fire, we still wouldn't bet on any of this panning out.


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