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Eight Hours for Work, Eight Hours for Rest and a Ford GT in the Garage: Autoworker buys Supercar

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37-year Janesville, WI truck-plant worker David Leeder just plopped down nearly 176k on a Ford GT, noting that it's three times what he paid for his house. The 57-year-old autoworker has obviously reaped the benefits of UAW membership. Interestingly enough, the Janesville plant is owned by General Motors. We somehow doubt he'll be driving it to work. [Thanks to Scott for the tip.]


Blue-collar auto worker buys $175,600 sports car [Chicago Sun-Times]

Gettin' All En Fuego at a Florida Ford Dealership [Internal]

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I really wish people would get their facts straight about Jeremy Clarkson and his problems with his GT. He's essentially had two issues with his GT and NONE of them had anything to do with the build quality or reliability of the GT. One problem had to do with the AFTERMARKET theft deterrent system malfunctioning and the other had to do with a malfunctioning BATTERY charger which discharged his battery. I own a GT and have had ZERO issues with it.