Egypt's funniest pro-Osama Bin Laden protester

The debate we're having internally is whether or not this guy going double-double on a scooter during an Egyptian pro-Osama Bin Laden rally is actually one of a handful of protestors decrying the American assassination of the Al Qaida leader or just a wonderfully inappropriate photo bomb.

Something called "The March for Bin Laden" last Friday drew a small crowd of protestors (by Egyptian standards) traveling from the Nour Mosque in Cairo to the U.S. Embassy where, we imagine, no one gave a crap. Traveling with them was this guy on a scooter.


Ignoring that you should never double-up on a scooter with another guy unless one of you is wearing an AK47, let's zoom in on this photo captured by Sarahcarr.

Yep. That says "I Heart Play Boy."

(via Andy Carvin)

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