Edmunds Thinks Chevy Volt Design Is "Huge Disappointment," "Completely Unacceptable"

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The Line on the Inside at Edmunds has cobbled together a series of quotes allowing them to say what they think without actually saying what they think: The 2010 Chevy Volt is ugly. Quoting Jane Nakagawa of their own Edmunds AutoObserver, they bust on the Volt pretty hard, calling it "a huge disappointment" and "completely unacceptable." Harsh. If the "leaked images of the Volt" with their recklessly unflattering photo angles are to be believed, the Volt may be ugly, but we'll reserve judgment until we see it in the flesh tomorrow morning during the live unveil at the Renaissance Center. [Edmunds InsideLine]

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In the past, in my rants I've decried the looks of the Volt or at least what I could discern from the photos reluctantly realizing that reality might dictate a vehicle different from the concept.

I must, however, on the other hand give proper recognition to the General for actually going ahead and bringing the car to market. The economics are a reality that the General must take into consideration when building this car. These (economics) will be corrected when other electric cars come to the market and there is more competition, especially should Ford and Crysler step into the ring.

However, if the economy was stronger I would not be so inclined to give GM a pass on the styling. As others have said from the pictures it looks like an appliance, but hell, it's a start.

As for buying one, I am currently upside down in my financing of my present vehicle and a new one won't come into the picture for another five years. But in that time I am sure that designs will progress, and I am actually looking forward to the competition and seeing where they might end up!