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A few years ago, GM released its limited-edition ZZ430 Chevy crate engine, cranking out...wait for it...430 horsepower, which sold like flapjacks at a fire sale. About two years back they released a run of 200 aluminum 454 fuelie motors that they still haven't sold through, due to a price approaching $20k and a measley 514hp output. Sensibly, Edelbrock decided to stay away from exotica when building its own special-edition mill-in-a-box. Rated at 460hp and 460 lb. ft., The E-Tec Signature Series is based on GM's ZZ383 short block and features a host of Edelbrock's goodies, as well as bits from ARP and MSD. If this thing sounds like your cup o' torque, get in line now, as they're only building 250 of the buggers.

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