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Ed Welburn Hearts The New Chevy Camaro, Hugs It Too!

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

We don't know what's worse — this picture of GM design guru hugging the new Chevy Camaro down under. Or the fact it was taken by Bob Lutz with his Treo Blackberry Curve. Seriously. If you don't believe it, we've got some shots below of "Maximum" Bob taking some shots with his Treo at the GM reveal at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Oh Bob, you tech geek, you! [via GM FastLane Blog]


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We all know it's a conspiracy so that when the driver of the Camaro passes out after trying to copulate with the vehicle, On Star is alerted, thus dispatching an ambulance. Once the owner's life is saved, he sings the praises of On Star and everybody ends up subscribing to On Star. Eventually, On Star is spun off as a separate entity from GM-Tata-Fujitsu Heavy Industries-Consortium in 2035 after the Chinese Robot Unions go on strike asking for more gold pressed latinum and job protection due to the high quality products being put out by genetically modified sheep from the Falkland Islands. Damn, I need's 3:00 AM here in Spain.