Economical Transportation For The Snowpocalypse

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Need to get around during the Snowpocalypse but can't afford to shell out for a Honda S2000? This ski-sporting, track-equipped Nash Metropolitan could be just the thing for thrifty winter motoring.


As you can see from the hand-written window sticker, the original 1.5-liter, 55-hp BMC B-series four has been ripped out in favor of a 700-cc, 120-hp Yamaha snowmobile two-stroke. The interior has received a healthy dose of diamond-plate, and the Metro's body appears to have been lifted and possibly placed onto a custom chassis. Something crazy must be going on under there to make the two snowmobile tracks fit next to each other.

(Hat tip to Mcbonkowski!)



Buy it, gain some speed on a hill and try to cross a small lake like them young hoodlems on their snowmobiles. If you make it, you are the utter Jalopniverse hoon and the king of internets. If you fail, you get it on video for us to watch, and give those summer scuba students something to look for in the murky waters.