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Ebay Shenanigans: Original KITT for Sale?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hot off the rebirth of KITT as the Shelby GT500KR, the original KITT appears to have made an appearance on Ebay, or so the seller claims by the vehicle description: ORIGINAL KNIGHTRIDER TV SERIES CARThe 1984 Pontiac supposedly has 5,000 miles. After the validity of the car is questioned, the seller responds:

Yes it is the original Knightrider car. Car is in LA. Can fax you pictures. Bought in 2005 for 69K. Selling as executor of estate.

Matt Hickey over at CrunchGear says the deal is legit, but then again the actual auction page lists the vehicle as a Grand AM with 5,000 miles. Oh, and the picture is of Charlie Brown and Snoopy's backside, which is real convincing because everyone knows that Snoopy's uncle's third cousin was Hasselhoff's peanut butter licking ... oh, nevermind. We're working on blowing the dust out of the fax machine to contact the seller and get pictures. Stay tuned. [Ebay]