eBay Find! Discriminating Mantafahrers Pas Auf!

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You call yourself a Mantafahrer, son? You can't be a true Manta Man without a foxtail hanging fron your aerial, and eBay seller 21clock has just the thing to replace your cruelly severed foreskin! Yes, it's a gen-u-wine taxidermied foxtail, and it's apparently already met reserve, with bidding at a low, low eight dollars and fitty cent. You owe it to yourself as a driver of GM's finest-ever product to fly one of these. You can call yourself a lone wolf, but you've gotta be crazy like a fox to rock the Manta. Show the world what you're made of! Show them what a real Mantafahrer is all about.


Full Taxidermy Red Fox Tail [eBay]

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What if I'm simply hungry like a wolf? Do I put a wolf's tail on the Antenna of my Eagle Talon? Or would a speared fish be more fitting?