East Bay Test Drive Violence

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Richmond, California is an interesting study in duality. In the flats, it's all liquor stores, industrial parks and shacks that may not even have running water. The hills on the eastern side of I-80 is largely middle-class and really rather scenic. The two worlds seem to have collided on the freeway yesterday, when a man test-driving a Mitsubishi was cut off by gat-wielding hoods in a Nissan Murano. Said thugs opened fire when the salesman gave them what for, shooting the driver in the head and sending the Mitsu barrelling off the road. The driver and salesman were both hospitalized. We're betting that the man wishes he would've gone digging for a used Starion instead. The suspects in the Nissan are still at large. [Thanks to Ryan for the tip.]


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We're going to get in a car

We're going to go go go

Drive to a neighborhood

Kill someone we don't know...

Not only was I amazed to learn that this classic by the irrpressible Henrietta Collins was actually released, but I marvel at the fact someone created cover art for it.

Bit of a wasted effort, though. What's (s)he doing?