Dust Flies, Metal Bends On The Reno-Fernley Track

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It always takes a couple of weeks for most LeMons in-car videos to appear, no doubt due to the exhaustion of everyone involved, but we've got a few wipeout-packed minutes for you here.


When the left front tire blows on a P71 Crown Victoria at speed, you're doing pretty well when you avoid hitting anything hard and/or expensive. The driver of the Reversed Darwinism car kicks up quite a dust cloud (thanks to Jeff Balliet for the photo above) but no permanent harm done.

The Mustard Yellow Volvo Doing 45 In The Fast Lane managed to catch a nice spinout double-header on its grille-mounted video camera. First we see the Junkyard Kats 280ZX lose it, no doubt due to the oil dumped on the tarmac by a couple of block-ventilating competitors, and then the Volatile RAM MR2 spins out a little ways down the track.

Here's some more action footage from the V8olvo, just because that 302 sounds so good.

Then we've got plenty of action footage courtesy of team UNDERGROUND and their 300ZX, which was one of the top contenders before getting shot down by engine woes.


parkrndl is enjoying his midlife crisis

the second v8olvo vid is phenomenal. i could watch it over and over as if it was Rendezvous. and the awesome soundtrack has me convinced—if i ever fulfill my dream of competing in LeMons, the car will have to be a V8 with a manual.

question—what are the two big old American sedans in that vid? the first is orangeish—it's there when the video starts and he passes it pretty much right away, and the second is white and shows up a little after 2 minutes in. i'm guessing the orange one is a mid 60s fullsize Olds (Delta 88? 98?) and the white one is a 64 or 65 midsize Olds (F-85 or Cutlass). anyone confirm or deny?