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Time for your daily dose of derelict trucks rusting in their final resting place.

Identified by the photographer only as "an old dumptruck" and a local landmark, this rusting rig was apparently spotted in Koh Phangan, Thailand.


We've placed it as a Hino TH series, built between 1950 to 1965. Noted Hino enthusiast Raphael Orlove pointed out it's probably a TH-17, built toward the end of the model series' life. I don't think that wooden seat was factory issue... but only because it looks a lot younger than the metal surrounding it.

The focus looks a little off but the colors in this photo are great. As the shot taken more than seven years ago, I'd be interested to know how much of the Hino has deteriorated since it was captured here.

Rust In Peace is a daily feature on Truck Yeah! that takes a moment to respect retired trucks as they return to the Earth. If you've seen one you think we should share, drop a note to!

Image: Colin & Sarah Northway/Flickr

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