Have you ever been stuck in traffic while headed to work and you think "well gosh this day just couldn't get any crappier?"

Bad news for residents of Katoomba, Australia, then, as crappier it most certainly can get.

A dump truck (no pun intended, Australians call it a "tip truck") was travelling west of Sydney earlier this week when it had a bit of an accident and drop its load of two tons of processed human waste onto the highway, as the Daily Telegraph reports:

The truck was transporting the “fertiliser’’ to farms when the truck had to brake suddenly on the Great Western highway at Katoomba just after midday.

Traffic was diverted for two hours as fire crews cleaned the spillage.

Next time you're sitting in traffic because two people had the slightest of fender benders, just remember that at least your morning commute doesn't stink as bad as this one.


Image credit: Getty Images