Dumb Things I Gotta Donk Today: A Simpsons-Themed Riser

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Taking this one apart would seem like a no-brainer. Sure, it's a garish mid-riser donk with wheels that look like a piece of George Clinton's mothership tumbled down and crushed Bootsy Collins. And sure, it's been airbrushed with characters from "The Simpsons." But we're not talking about Bart with an "Eat My Shorts" thought bubble. That's Abe Simpson, smack on the driver's door, followed by Mr. Burns and Nelson Muntz. Granted, he could have inserted Ralph Wiggum with his finger in his nose, or the Comic Book Guy holding that rare Mary Worth, or even Rabbi Hyman Krustofski. What we mean to say is, it could have been worse. Way worse. [Thanks to Eric for the tip.]


Donk Donk, Who's There? Yoo Hoo Mobile [internal]

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Miscellanea - back from the dead

I'm afraid to see the interior...very afraid. Aside from that, if there's gotta be a donk, no better than a Simpsons themed one although the color scheme doesn't shout Simpsons. Should've gone with a pink base color like Homer's hoopty.