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Man, we feel gypped. We slave all day, searching the internet hither and thither, working our brains into a mild froth to bring you news of the auto world as we see it, all for the reward of some hard tack and, if we're really good that day, a couple of Kraft Singles. If we're really good, we might actually get spared the lash. All this guy has to do is watch The Dukes of Hazzard every night and blog about it for CMT. And he gets paid 100,000 dollars for doing it.

Christopher Nelson won the cherished spot of Dukes of Hazzard Institute Vice President after CMT launched a nationwide search for the position. Nelson's decision to create a character, named Slick and post his stumping at, seemed to put him over the top with the Country Music Television execs, as well as Cooter Davenport, who was on the selection committee. Okay, Denton. After reading this, we're demanding an upgrade from hard tack to Wonder Bread. And would a third Kraft Single be too much to ask? [Thanks to Henry for the tip.]

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