In some parts of the country, Craigslist is only useful for finding a crappy $250 riding mower or an old stained couch. But not all of it is like that! Fortunately with these 10 Craigslist sites, you’ll be covered for most of your automotive needs.

10.) South Bend, Indiana

In dire need of a Studebaker? Why not search for one located near the former headquarters of the Studebaker Corporation. There are plenty.

Suggested By: My X-type is too a real Jaguar, Photo Credit: Craigslist

9.) Twin Falls, Idaho


The Craigslist site of Twin Falls, Idaho has one of the best selections of cheap work trucks and car parts currently on Craigslist nationally. Can’t find the farm truck you need there? Good luck finding it anywhere else.

It depends on what you are looking for... Need an honest truck for dump runs and other truck stuff that doesn’t require great looks? They are a dime a dozen here in Souther Idaho.

Also, entire running V8s and transmissions can be had cheap. I’ve seen a few Chrysler 440/727 combos pulled from motor homes people are junking for like $300-400.

Wheels and tires and well pretty much any full sized truck part is out there and cheap.


Suggested By: mrbwa1, Photo Credit: Craigslist

8.) Inland Empire (Southern California)


On how many Craigslist sites can you find a Jaguar E-Type barn find, a Mazda RX2, a Hudson Hornet and even a used Charger Hellcat with only an only somewhat incredibly unreasonable market price? Not very many.

Suggested By: Nedus, Photo Credit: Craigslist

7.) Austin, Texas


Austin’s Craigslist is flooded with everything from modern sports cars, proper American work trucks and my favorite, this Ford Ranchero sold by a fellow named “Dom”. Reader Lysol is the man also has some other reasons to back up these claims.

I think Austin, TX, for a number of reasons.

1. The weather is solid year round, so more access to used sports/sporty cars, whereas other parts of the country need 4x4s to function during the winter months.

2. Speaking of the weather, no road salt, not a ton of rain, so less water-related damage. Lots of cracked windshields, though.

3. Most parts of the metro area are easily accessible. Yeah, driving up to Round Rock or down to South Austin can be time consuming, but at least the Austin Craigslist doesn’t cover areas that are HOURS away...unlike a city like Seattle that covers Tacoma and Puyallup all the way up to Snoqualmie.

4. Terrible public transportation, so EVERYONE DRIVES. More drivers = more used car inventory.

I’m sure there are other reasons, but I loved Austin Craigslist.

Suggested By: Lysol is the Man, Photo Credit: Craigslist

6.) Bowling Green, Kentucky


Thanks to Bowling Green’s historic existence as the home of all things Corvette, its Craigslist site is basically like a smaller version of Motown’s. And trust me, that’s not a bad thing.

Crazy-cheap American muscle and crazy-cheap practical daily drivers makes me afraid to even try searching through the “cars & trucks” section. Please, god, someone hold my wallet.

Suggested By: StuckinaChair, Photo Credit: Craigslist

5.) Portland, Oregon


For Volvo 240s galore, a freshly souped up E36 BMW M3 or anything in between, Portland’s Craigslist will be one of your best bets.

Suggested By: Der Sportwagoner, Photo Credit: Craigslist

4.) Montana


As evidenced by Oppositelock’s reoccurring ‘Found On Montana Craigslist’ themed posts, Montana’s Craigslist sites are some of the best platforms for cheap and unique project cars. Like this $250 all-wheel drive Turbo Subaru XT for example. So what if it needs a motor, that’s one of my dream cars right there! For $250!

Suggested By: For Sweden, Photo Credit: Craigslist

3.) Maine


Whether you need your next AWD winter beater, your next track car or even your next rolling home, Maine’s Craigslist site is known to consistently offer some of the best used cars deals on this side of the country. Just watch out for rust.

Suggested By: Justin Hughes, Photo Credit: Craigslist

2.) Detroit Metro Area


If you’re looking for American classics or even import classics, look no further than Metro Detroit’s Craigslist site. Just set the search from price low-high and be on your way to America’s motoring past.

Suggested By: jmalek, Photo Credit: Craigslist

1.) Los Angeles


Largely thanks to LA’s incredibly vibrant car and rust-free culture, the city’s Craigslist site is consistently filled with many inviting projects as well as seemingly-reliable daily drivers.

Just make sure you make the right choice. For example, don’t try to buy that $1 “1997 seabring” up there. You’d probably regret that.

Suggested By: dieseldub, Photo Credit: Craigslist

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