Dude Dunks Over NYPD Cop Car

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The NYPD rolled up on a Staten Island dunk contest over the weekend, not to break up the show, but to get in on the action.


Without further ado, here's the video. The cops hitting the lights and sirens is what makes it.


Gothamist reports that this was all planned beforehand, with the basketball organizers approaching the police to see if a over-the-squad-car dunk could happen, then the cops getting approval from their precinct to make it happen.

What's more interesting is that the just before his dunk, the guy pulls off his jersey and shows he's wearing a 'RIP Eric Garner' shirt. Eric Garner is the guy who Staten Island police recently choked to death. You can read more about that awful, amost unbelievable killing right here on Gawker.

I'm not sure if that fit into the original script the NYPD was hoping for with this photo-op.


Photo Credit: NYPD via Twitter

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Ash78, just done until Kinja is fixed for good

The NYPD hasn't seen someone take it to the hole like that since Abner Louima.

/never forget