Dubai Police Get A Mercedes SLS And A Bentley Just Because They Can

Illustration for article titled Dubai Police Get A Mercedes SLS And A Bentley Just Because They Can

So far, our new weekly series called "what outrageously expensive police car did Dubai get this week" has seen both a Lamborghini Aventador and a Ferrari FF added to the fleet. Well, this week it looks like Dubai is adding two more supercars. Why? Why not.

What luxuriousness are they adding now? Well, if pictures are to be believed, there are a Mercedes SLS and a Bentley Continental GT in the Dubai police garage awaiting the green Dubai wrap treatment.


When they do get unveiled, it means that the unabated show of Dubai police awesomeness will continue for yet another week.

How will they top this? I assume they'll be adding multiple Veyrons in the next couple of weeks. It makes sense.

(Large hat tip to Maxx!!)

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For Sweden

Are these super cars actually going to be used for daily patrol duty, or will they be relegated to motorcade escort when foreign dignitaries come to town?

"Look at all of these supercars, Federal Chancellor. Your country may be keeping an entire continent afloat, but I bet you aren't escorted by an armada of exotica!"

"Well, I was when I had meetings with Berlusconi, though not the same kind of exotica."