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Whither the autoboxes and CVT clockworks? Automotive News is reporting Volvo's S40 and V50 oil burners in Europe will come with dual-clutch transmissions, which can be shifted like manuals or run in automatic mode, starting in late 2007. The cars won't be getting the slick Borg-Warner box that turned once manual-only VW/Audi heads into DSG-paddling fools; Volvo's using a similar setup from Getrag, its joint-venture transmission partner. But that's only the appetizer. As a main course, Ford will eventually use the system, dubbed Powershift, in the majority of its European line, including Volvos, Land Rovers and Mazdas, as well as Ford brand cars like the Focus and Focus C-Max, replacing automatics and continuously variable boxes. As for the US, a source from Ford told AN the company is considering dual-clutch transmissions for some "smaller" models. That forces the question, are the manual's days numbered? (note: DSG shown)

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