Drunk Driver Flies Down San Fran Subway Tunnel At 40 MPH

Muni, the subway that's part of San Francisco's Bay Area Rapid Transit system, shut down Thursday morning after an alleged drunk driver drove his Ford Escape two blocks into a train tunnel. According to reports, the SUV was traveling at about 40mph as it entered the tunnel, and was heading against train traffic.

"It appears he just drove into the tunnel and his vehicle got stuck when it hit a concrete step," said polise spokesperson Albie Esparza of the incident. "We believe he was under the influence of alcohol. It's very fortunate that nobody was injured."


In addition to the DUI, Scott Mitchel of Sebastapol, CA was also charged with driving on train tracks and failing to obey a traffic sign, HuffPo reports.


Either because the tunnel entrance is confusingly marked or because drivers in San Francisco are too high on life to pay attention, it seems that cars entering this particular subterranean passage is a fairly common occurrence.

Damage to the tracks was minor enough that crews could repair it even as Muni resumed regular service.


Photography credit: AP Images

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