Drunk Dad Who Used Nine-Year-Old Daughter As Designated Driver Not Going To Jail

The Michigan father whose drunkenly made his nine-year-old daughter serve as designated driver during a late-night convenience store run last October will not be serving jail time for charges related to the bizarre incident.


Shawn Weimer was sentenced to two years of probation today after pleading guilty in December to felony charges of child abuse and a misdemeanor charge of allowing his hugely underaged daughter to drive his GMC van. He faced a maximum of four years in prison, but Wayne County Circuit Judge Margie Braxton instructed Weimer to avoid alcohol, get a job, and get his life straightened out instead.

Among the judge's explicit instructions regarding Weimer's parole: "And you're not to let the child drive any motor vehicles unless she's duly licensed and duly insured."


It's a bad sign if you need a judge to tell you that.

Photo Credit: AP

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