Drunk dad uses nine-year-old daughter as designated driver

Shawn Weimer needed a trip to a Detroit area gas station and convenience store at 3 a.m. last week, but knew he was too drunk to drive his GMC Safari. So he enlisted the nearest designated driver: His 9-year-old daughter, who used a booster seat to see and steer.


Weimer, 39, was arrested last week after another motorist saw the girl driving and called 911. Police later found this surveillance video from the convenience store, where Weimer brags about his chauffeur as she enjoys a late-night candy apple: "I got, I got a designated driver. Nine years old. Nine! Dad's drinking. Listen, we're leaving, and she's driving."

"She drove all the way here," he adds, to which the girl pipes up: "And I parked."

Weimer, a plumber, now faces charges of second- and fourth-degree child abuse, and extra criminal bonus points for prior convictions. But he didn't get a DUI.


Child abuse?!? Are you even god damned kidding me!?!?

One of the oddities of having a large family (mom's the second of six) is that my youngest uncle is only 4 years older than I am. I was 9 when one of my uncles let me drive his Fairmont on M-142 in Michigan, and that wasn't a one-time occurance. Hell, once I was 12 and my youngest uncle had his license, I became the DD and driver of convenience. I probably logged 10,000 of the miles on that old GMC Jimmy during those first couple of years he had a drivers license.

The first time he wanted me to drive, he quite literally told me it was better if we got pulled over and I was driving, even if I didn't have a drivers license, than if he was driving, because he was completely hammered.