Drug Dealer Leads Police On Chase To Taco Bell

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A suspected drug dealer led Fort Wayne, Indiana police on a high-speed chase through town before abruptly stopping at a Taco Bell. Why? He said he wanted "one last burrito."


This goes back to the theory about drug dealers not actually making much money because of the overhead involved. If you were making drug dealer money, would you really have an appetite for Taco Hell? We sort of understand the compulsion to drive somewhere special, O.J. Simpson-style. We even understand driving to a restaurant. But Taco Smell? Really? There's no Taco Cabana or Chipotle anywhere in sight? [MSNBC via The Car Lounge]

Photo Credit: Chris Weeks/Getty Images

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Rob Emslie

He wanted one last burrito, because where he's going it's gonna' be nothing but tube steak for the next 5 to 10.