Dropping In On McLaren's Eat-Off-The-Floor Factory

How clean is the McLaren Headquarters in Woking, UK? Imagine a white diamond boiled in hydrogenated German Shepherd saliva and you're almost there. It's so clean, Bubble Boy has to have exhaust fumes from a '65 Corvair pumped into his bubble whenever he visits. Check it out.


Why does McLaren build its MP4-12C in a room that clean? Because boss Ron Dennis is a stickler for cleanliness. By "stickler" I mean he's completely batshit about it. All the better to give McLaren an appearance befitting the serious tech going on behind its walls.

Did you know the air pressure in the kitchen and dining room is lower than that of the surrounding offices, to keep the smell of food from wafting out? Yes. A stickler, that Ron Dennis.


Meanwhile in Bowling Green...

Bob: "I just can't find where these extra bolts go Joe!"

Joe: "Come'on Bobbo! We gotta test out this Z06 and ZR-1 on the track for quality control again! More testing equals more quality brother!"