Drone Helicopters Can Now Turn You Into A Terrible Superman

I know what you're thinking, about drones, and helicopters. "Borrrrring. Don't care. If it can't me fly through the air like the goddamn Rocketeer, it doesn't matter." Well here is the first invention made for you, Mr. and/or Ms. Nonplussed. A wondiferous invention, for the masses.

Okay, so it's clearly just two radio-controlled model helicopters with some gym rings tied to them, but THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES. You can now fly, sorta, as long as you remain vertical, dress like the lovechild of Han Solo and the pink Power Ranger, and refrain from crapping your pants in the process.


(We're assuming this video is real, for the moment. I mean, why wouldn't you, what with the drone helicopters and the gym rings and the random dudes who have no names inventing what is clearly some sort of high-technology weapon of mass destruction.)

When I showed this to Patrick he called it "terrifying," but I'm pretty sure he meant "genius."

Oh, and, in case you're completely dense, never, ever attempt this. At home, at work, anywhere. Really stupid.

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