Driving Under the Influence... of Satan!

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"You'll be riding along in an automobile. You'll be the driver perhaps. You're a Christian. There'll be several people in the automobile with you, maybe someone who is not a Christian. When the trumpet sounds you and the other born-again believers in that automobile will be instantly caught away — you will disappear, leaving behind only your clothes and physical things that cannot inherit eternal life. That unsaved person or persons in the automobile will suddenly be startled to find the car suddenly somewhere crashes.... Other cars on the highway driven by believers will suddenly be out of control and stark pandemonium will occur on ... every highway in the world where Christians are caught away from the drivers wheel."


— Rev Jerry Falwell, in his pamphlet, "Nuclear War and the Second Coming of Christ," quoted from Ronnie Dugger,"Does Reagan Expect a Nuclear Armageddon?" in Washington Post Outlook (April 8, 1984)

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Thanks, JL. I needed a good chuckle. Between this and the Wonkette thread, I'm genuinely enjoying myself right now. I did momentarily feel a little bad about the delicious wave of schadenfreude I felt when I learned of his passing, as even the most evil of pricks have someone who loved them.

Then I thought, nah, fuck that guy.