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Driving instructor bails after woman drives into ocean

Illustration for article titled Driving instructor bails after woman drives into ocean

A woman in the Chilean town of Antofagasta probably won't be quickly reapplying for her driver's license after the road portion of her test went very wrong and applicant, instructor, and vehicle ended up in the Pacific Ocean.


As reported by (artículo en español), the city's Head of Public Safety Julian Requena believes that the woman hit the accelerator instead of the brake pedal during her driving test and panicked, sending the silver pickup off the road and into the water. The woman, unharmed but in a state of complete shock, was rescued from the submerged truck by a saleswoman from the nearby Terminal Pesquero after the less-than-chivalrous instructor escaped, swam to shore, and promptly left the scene.

(Hat tip to Jesus!)

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I never got this. Over here you can only drive without a full drivers license if you've got a licensed instructor in the passenger seat (which this woman had) and you're inside a vehicle with an extra set of brake and clutch pedals on the passenger side. So the instructor could've pressed both the clutch and brake pedal, and nothing would've happened.