Driving In A Volcano's Fallout Looks Like The Apocalypse

You know those end of the world movies when the asteroid hits New York City, or the kaiju demolishes Hong Kong? There's always a shot of cars driving around frantically in the falling ashes. This is what it would look like to be one of those cars.

Well, this video is actually a bit different than those Hollywood scenes. First of all, it's real dashcam video, recorded int he fallout of Mt. Sakruajima. Second, nobody looks like they're panicking. The little hatchbacks, taxis, and streetcars just seem to be going about their business as normal, only there's volcanic ash dropping from the sky like ticker tape.

I guess the apocalypse is going to look a lot more orderly than it does in the movies.

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It looks like the volcano is making an ash out of everyone.