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Driving In Buffalo Sucks Right Now And It's Not Even Thanksgiving

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Alright, so driving in Buffalo is terrible always, because of the constant reminders that you are, in fact, in Buffalo. But the past 24 hours have seen three feet of snow dumped on the city, and you haven't even had turkey and uncomfortable arguments with your relatives yet.

It's not even like you could jump in your beater WRX that still has summer tires on it either, because of white-out conditions. Yeah, we know you're Sebastian Loeb and all, but you try the Scandinavian Flick when your idea of an apex is when you inevitably hit a tree.


The snow came down so hard, so fast, in fact, that drivers are still stranded this morning:


And no, it's not like you could've done anything either, once you looked out your office window and all you saw was an oncoming White Wall of Death (NOTE: Whitewalls of Death is my band name, you can't have it) and you knew that living in Buffalo was a terrible idea, I mean really, who lives in Buffalo? This sort of thing happens every November there.

The wings are alright, but the hockey team is terrible.