When Even IndyCar's Commentators Think You Suck

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

There’s a saying among track geeks when you suck: “other sports beckon.” In the case of IndyCar driver and Andretti family tree misfit Marco, maybe it’s “other drives beckon?” Listen as former IndyCar driver and series commentator Paul Tracy delivers the on-air burn of the year during the Watkins Glen race.

Tracy, who’s noticed years of Marco’s participation on teams also named “Andretti” and a bunch of unremarkable, non-Andretti-like results, isn’t even convinced Marco deserves any ride:

Well, I don’t know if there’s anywhere else [Marco] can go. The only other ride I could see him getting is maybe with Uber.


Cold, man. Just cold.

Marco drives for Andretti Autosport, and optimists and those who believe that all one needs to win a race is good breeding theorize that Marco may just need some distance from his father Michael, who just so happens to own the race team with his name on it.


There are also rumors floating around that he’ll swap cars with 2016 Indianapolis 500 winner Alexander Rossi. Marco Andretti would then be on the Bryan Herta Autosport car that’s partnered with the Andretti team, and Rossi would be moved up to what’s largely considered the Andrettis’ de facto A-squad.

Don’t you know Uber runs background checks? There’s no way they’d be cool with a ride arriving backwards in a cloud of smoke.

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“Driver went way too fast everywhere, kept the windows down, and tailgated everyone the entire trip to the airport. I made my flight on time, but my coffee spilled everywhere and he overcharged me for luggage even though I just had two carry-ons. Plus he totally botched the apex on the Departures offramp because it was an off-camber with decreasing radius and he came in way too hot and the rear end got squirrely. 4/5."