Illustration for article titled Man Trusts GPS More Than Own Eyesight And Drives Down Some Stairs

So you have a GPS. Good for you! But did you know that the directions it gives you aren't orders, but recommendations? It's true! Well, someone should tell this guy who drove down the stairs of New York's Riverside Park.


A GPS gave a guy directions in NYC, and he followed it, trusting it like a small, blindfolded child listening to directions from a parent.

But in this case, the parent was telling the kid to eat dog shit.

He was driving and instead of paying attention to what he could see out of his windshield, proceeded into Riverside Park and drove down the stairs. Apparently that's when he decided that "hey, I should probably stop because stairs aren't for driving."


Great job GPS. And good job to you sir, for placing your trust in a screen and not what you can see. You're fighting the good fight. Hope you never buy Google Glass.

(Hat Tip to Ray!) Photo courtesy of MyUpperWest

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