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Driver Stuck Inside A Russian Tornado Is Having A Worse Day Than You

We've seen plenty of Russian dash cam videos. We've also even seen a couple of videos from inside tornadoes. But this beautiful mashup of crapitude combines the two genres of desolate waste, making the occupant of this Russian car stuck in a tornado officially the person with the Bad Day of the Week.


I don't care that it's only Tuesday, this guy is definitely having the worst day. They're stuck in a shanty town in Bashkortostan, which appears to be entirely composed of detritus, flotsam, and jetsam, when the windy finger of God comes down upon them to wreak His vengeance.


At some point, you just need to move. Maybe that point is when you're in a Russian shantytown and a tornado lands upon your head? I don't know, that could be just me, but I'd move.

Far, far away.

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Holy cow! That really blows!