Illustration for article titled Drivemocion: The Automotive Idiot Light

Just as Mr. Orosz makes the case for an automotive idiot light, we find one. Meet the Drivemocion, a wireless widget you mount to the back window which by a button press can rage or apologize to fellow motorists.


The Drivemocion is a simple enough gadget — similar to ones we've seen before but more detailed. It's essentially a printed circuit board fitted with a series of red LEDs, a microprocessor controlling it all and programming enough to store messages and animated faces. Activation is done by an infrared remote control mounted within the driver's reach. Several versions are available, but in general you get a "hey watchit buddy" replacement for the one-fingered salute (or a digital one-fingered salute) and an "I'm sorry, that was an idiot move." The models vary from there by having either a text option or further faces like a flirty face or a taunting tongue sticking out, etc. [Think Geek or ThumbsUp UK]

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