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Drive To The Arctic Circle With Google Street View

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A team of gutsy Google Street View drivers tackled Alaska's daunting Dalton Highway, capturing images through the Arctic Circle to the Arctic Ocean. We animated the trip so you can enjoy it without becoming an ice road trucker.

The Dalton Highway starts north of Fairbanks, Alaska and runs alongside the Trans-Alaska Pipeline through mountains, frozen prairies, and the Brooks Range. Along the 414-mile trip there are two gas stations and two towns: Wiseman (population 22) and Coldfoot (population 13). The journey ends at Deadhorse, which only has a population of 25 but houses thousands of seasonal residents working mostly in the oil industry. The pass was featured on the third and fourth seasons of Ice Road Truckers on History.

Dalton Highway Trip

The trip above starts at Wiseman at Mile 175 and in Wiseman and ends at the Deadhorse Airport, beyond which the only access to the ocean itself is via private roads. We animated the journey using TripGeo and you can view it/edit it here.


Photo Credit: Pete_Waterman, Composer: Andrew Shoemaker