Drive! Drive hard into this new week! Put one set of your many extra lights on and tear ass into whatever happens! In the Opel Kadett of your mind.


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HEY! I had THAT EXACT CAR purchased new at Books Buick in Towson, MD right out of the showroom. Cost about $2500, I believe. My wife was pregnant, and she could not fit into the driver’s deat of our TR4, so I tried to find something that would handle go in a similar fashion.

This was a great car! We drove it for many years, the only major problem we had was when the rear end locked up on the Balitmore Beltway (a bit scary)and the thing seemed to need a valve adjustment every 20,000 miles or so. I replaced the vacuum actuated carb with a mechanical one (from the Opel GT), and it made a world of difference. (Talking the secondaries on the Stromberg, here. The vacuum on would not kick the secondaries in until about 3000 RPM.)

We both loved that car, and drove it for many years early in our marriage. Even took a long road trip up to New England one fall.

Thanks for the memory.