Drift Bashing More Beater BMWs Than You've Ever Seen

A missile car is what happens when you build a drift car too nice to thrash with willful abandon on a track. You get the beater-iest beater that will spin a wheel and go to town. This is how Europe gets that done.

It's the newest episode of Tuerck'd, where the New Hampshirite Formula D pro ventures to Europe. First he heads to the typically German Reisbrennen event (big power, lots of techno), then heads over to Scotland and Driftland, the continent's first drift-designed track.


Things devolve from there.

The desire these guys have to wring every last bit of life out of society's cast-off junkers might be unmatched. The wall-ride competition, likely won by the window-smashing Missile Maestro Stewy Bryant, is particularly emblematic.


Never have BMW E36s looked so good, let alone the Vauxhall Omega we got as the Cadillac Catera over here in the US.

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