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Drag race finale ends in Supra-on-Supra violence

This weekend's TX2K11 featured many of the world's fastest Supras, including the Big Daddy Performance and Titan Motorsports fourth-gens. Both made it into the finals, but neither made it to the end of the drag strip. It hurts to watch.


If absolute power corrupts absolutely, then imagine how quickly a 1300+ HP 7-second Supra corrupts an axle, which is what happened to the Big Daddy car right after launch. The Titan car couldn't make it out of the way in time and crashed into the wall at Lonestar Motorsports Park. The drivers walked away from the accident, but it wasn't exactly the finale the collected Supra faithful hoped to see.

One man was heard to cry out "We can't hurt our brothers like this. We just can't. Save it for for the Skyline owners, for they are truly our enemy!"

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No Supra needs those stupid modifications on them.