Dozens Of New Cars Destroyed In Los Angeles Warehouse Fire

On a certain level, there is little as beautiful as Los Angeles burning. Be it actual fire, Ed Ruscha's work or the end of Miracle Mile when the ICBMs are coming over the Hollywood Sign, we find the destruction of the City of Angels to be gorgeous. Very Oedipal, we know. That said, 53 cars – mostly Chryslers and Lincolns – were tragically incinerated Sunday right across the freeway from where Griffith Park went up in flames. Up a few miles from Dodger Stadium and across the river (yeah, we have a river) sits an industrial section of Atwater Village. All of the dealers in Glendale use this part of town as an overflow facility for new cars. The cars are kept outside next to dilapidated warehouses. One of which caught fire and destroyed 53 cars. Embers from the blaze ignited dry palm tress half a mile away. It must have been quite a sight. Thanks to the Mike Meadows for the image.

Warehouse Fire Destroys Nearly 60 Cars []; Fire Destroys Dozens of Cars and Vacant Building in Atwater Village [lafd news & information]


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