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Download The GT Academy 2012 Demo Right Now

This year's version of GT Academy once again blurs the line between virtual racing and real racing as it takes a crop of gamer wannabes and turns them into actual race car drivers. It's not a dream. It's the future. And you can win it even if you're a Vegas showgirl.


For the uninitiated, GT Academy gives anyone with a PS3 and a copy of the latest Gran Turismo demo a chance to compete in a time trial that leads to a reality show on Spike TV that eventually leads to a real seat in a real race car. It's not how Mario Andretti did it, but you're not Mario Andretti.


The demo is available now so what are you waiting for?

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This seems rather discriminatory towards the millions of racing gamers out there who don't have a PS3. All of the hardcore racing gamers I know either play on PC or the 360.