Doomed Detroit Iron Sings The Praises Of The Peugeot 207

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OK, so we've got this alternative universe in which new Peugeots are sold in Southern California, and in that universe are singing Detroit junkers!

Yes, even on the way to The Crusher, these 1960s and 1970s American cars just burst into song when they catch sight of the happy, low-CO2-emitting Peugeot 207. Bonus points to anyone who can identify all the singing cars. Thanks to Franzouse for the tip!


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I'm going to take a stab at it, as all of these cars were highly disguised for the commercial.

1st scene on trailer: A Chevy Wagon (pre 1977), a Lincoln Mark III, and a Plymouth Satellite/Fury Post 1975.

2nd scene: An Eldorado post 1971 being dragged, and a Dodge A100 van on blocks.

3rd Scene at the Garage: Left to right, Pontiac LeMons Wagon (Pre 1973), Ford Grand Torino (Post 1972) and Ford F-150. In the background on lifts, I think the highest one is a Dodge 600, and a lincoln Mark IV on the outside behind the F-100

4th Scene, on Farm, I see a Buick Century Sedan, a 50's era Ford Tractor, and a highly disguised post 1968 Chevy Pickup. (I only got the chevy from the brief side shot)

5th Scene, used car lot. Major cars, Left, a Fifth Avenue, and a Ford Grand Torino Elite. The rest of the background cars include a Customized Econoline (Back Left, a Yellow Eldorado CVT, a red Chevy Wagon (1973), another Dodge A100, and a Ford F150.

The full shot of the lot, well, what isn't there?