If our vintage classic car was getting incinerated in a trailer, we'd be pretty upset, but we wouldn't scream "is this your first fire?!" at the responding firefighters, unlike this vocal Illinois woman.

The Arlington Cardinal reports that the driver saw his trailer smoking when he was bringing back his '69 Camaro from a high school charity car show, but he initially dismissed it as road dust. Eventually he smelled smoke, but it was already too late. By the time firefighters responded and connected a hose to a hydrant, the Camaro was engulfed in flames.


We trust that the firefighters did their best, but that didn't stop the wife of the driver from screaming at them.

Oh, my God! Water!

Is this your first fire?

Oh, my God! They're going to let the fucking thing blow!

We hope she apologized afterwards. At least no one was harmed in the fire.

(Hat tip to Evan!)


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